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Quickly Review An Entire Day of Footage With 24-Hour History View
Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 07:37:00 AM

We’re excited to share that all Command users can now view 24 hours of history in just a matter of seconds, helping to speed up investigations and find relevant footage even faster. When it comes to finding footage, investigations typically start with manual scrubbing through hours of historical video. Not only is this costly for an organization, but it also prolongs the time to find the necessary evidence to bring a case closer to resolution.

24-Hour History View: More Thumbnails, 4x the Viewing Space

Users are now able to scan through an entire day’s worth of footage, encompassing 24 hours and over 4,000 thumbnails. This helps users quickly find meaningful events, including people and vehicles, and instantly begin to stream the relevant footage pertaining to their investigation.

Quickly Review An Entire Day of Footage With 24-Hour History View

The 24-hour history view also has a 4x larger viewing space, allowing users to see more clearly what is happening and what is in frame. This ensures that the footage users choose to stream is exactly what they’re looking for.

These larger thumbnails still support our Heatmaps feature, bringing greater visibility into how spaces are being utilized.

Bounding Boxes: Outlining People and Vehicles in Frame

Today, we’re also updating our bounding boxes for people and vehicles. Users will notice that the filled green and yellow boxes have been replaced with an outlined box. This brings greater visibility to the objects detected in frame and improved clarity to moments where there are multiple people and vehicles at a given time.

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